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The products in our store are all hand picked. Most have been used in our own home. Having two messy boys and at least two, or at one point even three, German shepherds proves to be a great testing ground for most of our products, from the grout cleaner through the air purifier, to the best electric broom, just to mention a few. We ONLY carry products that we would recommend and use ourselves. WE PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH. Our selection has been created to meet all needs, as well as price ranges. In terms of vacuum cleaners, we carry a select few but have access to almost all brands and models. We also sell IQ AIR purification systems. Our selection of products goes far beyond the ones we can mention on this page. We have a great assortment of cleaning and mopping systems and many, many household tools to make your cleaning easier, faster and more efficient. Our kitchen and laundry appliances include the full line of Miele products. Our kitchen and laundry department began with the overwhelming customer satisfaction with Miele's vacuum cleaner line and by popular demand we found ourselves selling their equally well-made kitchen and laundry appliances as well. It would take a long time to list all the great products we offer in our store, but please be assured that our selection is one of  the best in this area and the level of our product knowledge meets the quality of the products.


Vacuum Cleaners and Floorcare

Being a specialty store, we hand pick the products we sell. The vacuum cleaners we carry range from uprights, canisters, bagless and bagged machines, central vacuum systems, and carpet cleaning machines. With machines ranging from $50 to $1,500, there is definitely a machine in your price range, as well. The new vacuum cleaners we sell are Miele, Riccar, Sebo, Sanitaire, Bissell, and Royal. We also carry factory reconditioned Dyson and Bissell vacuums. There are also machines that we have reconditioned ourselves; that supply depends on availability and trade-ins. If you are in the market for a vacuum, please stop by so we can show you the inventory and pick the perfect machine for your home. Looking to replace an old machine? Bring it down and we can possibly give you value for the trade in! We are willing to work with you to get you the machine that will keep your home clean for years to come.

Besides vacuuming carpets and floors, we know that there are other ways to clean. For spots, we offer stain removers from KickAss and Lindhaus. For deep cleaning carpets, we sell Bissell full size and portable carpet cleaning extraction machines. We also sell dry cleaning agents for delicate rugs. To clean and refresh hardwood, stone, tile, and laminate floors, we sell the Bona Professional line. We also have a solution and brush system to clean tile and grout. With our wide range of cleaning products, we have something to clean every area of your home.


Miele Kitchen & Laundry Appliances

In our spacious new location, we have the ability to have a full, live kitchen to display some of the wide range of Miele appliances. Currently in the showroom, we have three dishwashers, under the counter wine cooler, 30" induction range, stainless steel range hood, stainless steel 36" refrigerator with bottom freezer, built in coffee maker, counter top coffee maker, warming drawer, and combi-steam oven. This is not the full line that Miele offers. They offer a full line of ranges, from 30" to 48", microwave ovens, combination speed ovens, steam ovens, five dishwashers, wall, island, mantel, aura, downdraft hoods, refrigerators, free standing wine storage systems, and many cooktop variations. Not only do we sell all these appliances, we have products to maintain and clean them. From stainless steel and ceramic cleaner, dishwasher soap, water softening salt, and rinse aid, and all the coffee care products to name a few.

Outside of the kitchen, Miele offers a washer and dryer. European capacity, stackable units are state of the art. Miele’s fabric maintenance system is only as good as the soaps you put in it. We sell the German Persil detergents, Perwoll soap, and Lenor fabric softeners.


Air Purifiers

For many years, it was believed that outdoor air pollution is more harmful than indoor air pollution. With homes being sealed much better, that belief is shifting. Allergens and other harmful particles are trapped in the home, in our carpets, and then circulated through our ventilation systems. Many products used in homes from chemicals, to paints, to glues contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are extremely harmful. For comparison, most people insist on drinking filtered water and take measures to make sure the water they consume does not contain any harmful products. Why aren’t the same preventative measures taken with air? By the time healthy air is researched, there is already an allergy or ailment to recover from. An air purifier should be a common item in every home. We need to spread awareness of the importance of clean air before problems exist.

The air purifiers we primarily sell are the IQ Air systems. Please call us with questions or check out their website for information.


Here are some of our Leading Brands:

/riccar_vacuumsSanitaire ElectroluxIQ Air Central VacuumsBonaBissellAustin Air