Vacuum Cleaner Bucks County

Vacuum Cleaner Bucks County
Vacuum cleaners don’t last forever, however, with regular maintenance they can provide many years of usefulness in your home. When it’s time to buy a vacuum cleaner, locals come to the Bucks County mom and pop shop that sells high quality vacuum cleaners and repairs used machines. 
Perhaps you’d like to prolong the life of a vacuum you already own. If you’re interested in keeping your existing vacuum running for another 20 years, bring it in to Newtown Sew and Vac and they’ll repair it for you. In fact, they can repair and service most brands of vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaning machines, sewing machines and even make repairs on lamps!
Newtown Sew & Vac performs all repairs and services right in their facility. They also handle warranty work for many manufacturers, like Dyson, Bissell, Riccar, Miele, Sebo and others. Newtown Sew & Vac’s repairmen are able to work on every brand they sell and they make every effort to keep up with and learn all the new technology that makes its way into the vacuum cleaner industry. Bucks County considers itself fortunate to have Newtown Sew & Vac as a part of the community.
Newtown Sew & Vac sells and works on a diverse range of brand names and provides repairs and services on the following brands of vacuum:
- Miele
- Sebo
- Bissell
- Riccar
- Sanitaire
- IQAir
- As well as many other brands
The simple fact is- you cannot keep a clean house with a dirty vacuum cleaner. That’s why Newtown Sew & Vac recommends regular maintenance based on the amount and kind of use that your vacuum is subjected to. Kind of like changing the oil in your car, maintaining a vacuum is based on the milage and the type of use.
There comes a time when your old vacuum must be retired from service and replaced by another model. If you’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner in the Bucks County area, Newtown Sew & Vac has what you’re looking for. Each product sold in their store is hand picked for the performance that it offers. The owners of Newtown Sew & Vac only carry products they would recommend and use in their own homes.
Newtown’s line of vacuum products was designed to serve a cross section of the community. The unique selection of vacuum cleaners in the Bucks County shop has been created in order to meet all needs as well as all price ranges. In terms of vacuum cleaners, their store carries a select few, however, they have access to almost all brands and models. 
Cleaning and mopping systems can also make your household cleaning easier, faster and more efficient. Kitchen and laundry appliances in Newtown Sew & Vac include the full line of Miele products, due to the overwhelming customer satisfaction with Miele’s vacuum cleaner line. Bucks County residents appreciate the high quality of products sold in Newtown Sew & Vac.
For whatever reason you come in to Newtown Sew & Vac- from the need of a simple consumable item, a new product, a service, a minor task like a belt change or some advice and pointers on removing stains or odors from your flooring, Newtown Sew & Vac will make sure you leave satisfied and with a smile. Everyday, owners Terry and Sandor are working toward their goal of keeping you, your family, your home, and their community cleaner.
To learn more about products and services offered by Newtown Sew & Vac, visit online at or call 215-860-8880 to speak with the vacuum cleaner specialist in Bucks County who can answer your questions.
Vacuum Cleaner Bucks County
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Vacuum Cleaner Bucks County Vacuum Cleaner Bucks County