Very happy with their services

I used Newtown Sew & Vac to repair my sewing machine.

I was very happy with their services. They totally cleaned it and replaced the part. They were reasonable and they were punctual. They did what they said they would do, and they did it in a timely manner at a reasonable price. I will use them again.

Lisa, Langhorne PA
HIGHLY recommended!

They repaired two canister vacuums- one an Electrolux"( turns out it wasn't a real one!) and an old Hoover. They repaired both for a very minimal price.

Newtown Sew and Vac is a wonderful "Mom and Pop" business. This was my first visit but while there I saw many customers who were well known to the proprietors and return customers- they saved me tons of money and gave excellent, practical advice. HIGHLY recommended!

Deborah, Morrisville PA
Couldn't Be Happier

They repaired my 30 year old sewing machine. It no longer worked at all, The previous repair place, that is no longer in business, made a mess out of it when I had it cleaned and tuned up.

The owners were very nice when I dropped off the machine. They explained that they have a technician that picks up and delivers on Wednesdays. If there is a problem or would cost more he would call me. When the service tech called to explain the condition and the extra cost he was very professional and thorough in his explanation and said he felt he could get it running smoothly again. I agreed to the price as it would still be a lot less than even a new cheap machine. When I picked it up the owner carried it to the car for me, got home and couldn't wait to try it,,,,,, works like a charm, as well as when it was new. I couldn't be happier about the whole experience.

Bernice, Fairless Hills
Amazing Service

I don't know where to start.  Our vacuum cleaner ceased to operate and we were at a crossroads.  It was expensive and we only had it a few years.  I loaded it in the car and took it Newtown Sew & Vac.  

So I walked in to the story and was greeted by Sandor who came out from behind the counter.  He quickly assessed the problem and showed me the issue.  I agreed that a vacuum cleaner could not operate and was expecting to hear one of two things: 1) we can fix it but will cost about 60% of the cost of buying a new one or 2) you need to buy a new vacuum cleaner.  We have all been there -  left with "The Decision" not Lebron James' decision but the decision to fix or buy new wondering if we are really getting the truth.

Not this time.  Sandor said to me, "You definitely need a new vacuum cleaner. It is not worth it to fix - will cost nearly as much as a new one."  Ok - I have heard that before is running through my mind.  Then he said, "Can you give me a couple of weeks?  I want to call the manufacturer on your behalf and attempt to get them to replace the entire vacuum cleaner for free."  OK - he now had my attention with "I want to do something for you" and "free."

Not quite two weeks later, I had a message on my cell phone from Sandor asking me to come by the store.  As I walked in, I readied for the news and started thinking about what vacuum cleaner would I buy.  Thye had plenty of good options to purchase in the store.  Not so fast.  Sandor walked out in front of the counter smiling, he recognized me, and pointed to shiny new box - "Your vacuum cleaner arrived today."  WOW!  I felt like I won the lottery.  What fantastic customer focus/service.  I then asked to pay him something for his time and effort.  He refused to take any money as he said he likes to take care of his customers and believes in Karma.  

He has won our business.  Please feel free to mention this story to him as I told him I wanted people to know.  Thank you Sandor.

Jerry - Newtown, PA
Simply the BEST

We brought the unit in just before Labor Day. Sandor was up front with us and explained that he was moving to a new location over the holiday but that he would do his best to complete the repairs in a timely manner. Over the many years we have been going there we have purchased a canister vacuum as well as the rug shampooer. We have 2 dogs so both units get quite a work out. We've brought the units in for routine maintenance and occasional repairs.

Sandor has always been honest and fair in his estimate pricing and friendly yet professional in the way he conducts business.

True to his word, the repairs were completed in a timely manner and as thoroughly as always, despite the disruption of the move. He even performed preventive maintenance on a few parts that he noticed might cause a problem in the future --- at no extra charge. He has in-depth knowledge of each piece of equipment he represents and explains their operation in a simple, straightforward manner. In the case of repairs, he will tell you what went wrong, why it went wrong, and how to prevent the problem in the future, if possible.

We are completely satisfied with all aspects of his business and have absolutely no reason to "try" some place else.

Dana - Newtown, PA

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